Fantasy Football: 5 Bold Predictions for Week 11

You can't win them all, but if the 2017 Cleveland Browns showed us anything, it's that you can certainly lose them.

Last week was a rough one for our bold predictions. We didn't just miss these shots -- they didn't even hit the backboard.

The Oakland Raiders scored just two field goals against the Los Angeles Chargers when we predicted a shutout. This one was pretty close. The rest, not so much. Golden Tate barely played in his Philadelphia Eagles debut, recording just 2 receptions for 19 yards. Jarvis Landry, who we predicted would have a top-3 finish, barely beat Tate's 19 yards with his own 22 in Baker Mayfield's career game. The Buffalo Bills offense absolutely wrecked the New York Jets, scoring more offensive points in this one than in their previous four games combined. And finally, where we predicted each of the New England Patriots top wideouts to find the end zone, Tom Brady failed to throw even a single one.

It was a demoralizing week, but we're going to bounce back this week. Here are five bold predictions for Week 11.