Fantasy Football: 5 Things We Learned in Week 10

A change in coaching staff helped lead David Johnson to his best game since 2016. What else can we learn from Week 10?

Week 10 of the NFL season was officially the week of the running back. Each of the top 12 running back finishers scored over 20 fantasy points in 0.5 point-per-reception leagues. It felt like every time you looked at the television another running back was crashing into the end zone for a score.

It wasn't just their overall performances that was notable. The players that put up these performances were the most notable thing about this week. We had a back returning from a multi-week injury, two hyper-efficient committee backs establish their dominance as their teams' top dogs, and a former super-star transcend his team's struggles. Just outside of the top 12 we even saw the first big performance from a first-round draft pick that's struggled to even see the field in his rookie year.

Hopefully you had some of these big performers on your teams this week, and hopefully you didn't have to square off against too many of them either. Here are 5 things we learned in Week 10.