Fantasy Football: 4 Players You Can Drop After Week 8

Raheem Mostert burst onto the scene, but his stock has faded as Matt Breida has regained the lead role. Who else can you send to the waiver wire?

Every week, every fantasy website worth its salt puts out a waiver wire column. There's a plethora of information readily available across the industry to help you decide which players to add to your fantasy teams. But often times the real problem isn't deciding which players to add -- it's deciding which players to part ways with.

Cutting someone from your fantasy team is hard. Maybe you spent a high draft pick on them, or maybe they won you a week earlier in the year. We build psychological attachments to the players on our rosters, and that can be detrimental to our team's performance. You need to be able to part ways with players when they're under-performing, and we're here to give you the confidence to do so.

Dead weight on your fantasy roster can be particularly harmful to your fantasy teams during bye weeks. These are the guys you don't feel comfortable dropping but guys who prevent you from picking up someone else. Maybe you even get roped into starting them.

Now, of course, if you can get solid value for any of these players in a trade (especially those with name value, like the first player on our list), please do try to trade them before pressing that "drop" button. The issue with many of these players is that their value is already low, so they may be difficult to move. If you can't move them, fine -- that's when you can consider dropping them to address other needs on your roster. But don't just drop them without doing any market research in your league.

These aren't easy decisions to make -- if they were, I wouldn't need to write this article. But it doesn't have to be so hard. Here are 4 players you can drop -- and why you can do so -- after Week 8.