Fantasy Football: 5 Bold Predictions for Week 8

I'll be frank. We are currently sitting at 1 for 20 with these bold predictions. But sooner or later we are going to hit and when we do it will be big, like two atoms smashing together at extreme speeds, or like if Matt Ryan finally connects with Julio Jones for a touchdown. Or better yet, if perfect passer Mohamed Sanu beats Ryan to the punch and throws Jones' next touchdown.

Okay, it won't really be that big -- the stakes aren't really that high here.

Last week's predictions were a mixed bag of close and laughably far from coming true. Baker Mayfield finished Week 7 as the QB7, so that was pretty close. The New York Jets did in fact lose to the Minnesota Vikings -- no surprise there -- but you would have been better off starting a defense on its bye week than the New York Jets D/ST. Brandin Cooks finished as the WR16 but only drew five targets during the Los Angeles Rams' 39-10 victory. The Tennessee Titans were one last-minute two-point conversion away from stealing a win from the Los Angeles Chargers. Last and certainly least, Gus Edwards got a measly zero yards on two carries.

It's time to dig ourselves out of this slump. Here are five bold predictions for Week 8.