Fantasy Football: 5 Bold Predictions For Week 7

I'd like to just forget about Week 6, but we have to face the music here. Another week, another 0 -for.

Josh Gordon had himself something of a breakout game, leading the New England Patriots receivers in targets, but failed to eclipse teammate Chris Hogan's yardage to date. Ronald Jones was laughably far from being an RB1. Christian Kirk appears to be taking over the WR1 mantle from Larry Fitzgerald for the Arizona Cardinals, but only managed a team-leading 77 yards on 7 targets. Our Kyle Juszczyk prediction was thwarted three ways by Matt Breida's surprising active status, Raheem Mostert's rise from complete obscurity, and Juszczyk's own fumble. To top the week off, the Courtland Sutton prediction whiffed pretty bad.

It's discouraging to whiff like that, but we're not going to let that slow us down us. If we were hitting on all of these predictions then they wouldn't be very bold!

Week 7 is a new week and it's time to be brave. Here are 5 Bold Predictions For Week 7.