5 Players You Can Drop After Week 6

Larry Fitzgerald has had a great career but is mired in a bad 2018 Arizona Cardinals offense.

There are some things I cannot understand in this world: greed, cruelty, and hatred are among the ones that I know many people’s minds recoil at. Still, there are far more mundane things that I just don’t get.

For instance, I will never understand people who prefer a hard taco shell to a simple soft-shell tortilla.

Why would you choose an option that will crack and fall apart in your hands, when the more resilient choice is available? Why would you pick the variety that gives you the least ability to convey the food it holds into your mouth. These are a few of life’s greatest taco-related mysteries.

The taco shell debate is an excellent metaphor for the bewilderment I have about fantasy football owners that sit on players who aren’t playing, aren’t seeing opportunities, or are getting the chances but doing absolutely nothing with them. The excuses just don’t add up, and I’m here to keep your fantasy season intact by helping you toss these hard shells that just aren’t doing it for you.

Obviously, guys who suffered season-ending or season-derailing injuries in Week 6 need to be dropped, benched, or deactivated to your team’s IR immediately. But we're going to focus on players who saw a smaller-than-expected role or under-performed when given an opportunity.

Here are five guys who can be confidently dropped from your roster after Week 6 in favor of other options.