Fantasy Football: 5 Bold Predictions for Week 4

The Browns are in a great spot to win back-to-back games for the first time since November 2014. What other surprising events can we expect in Week 4?

You know what's fun? Bold predictions are fun. What's even more fun is making bold predictions and backing them up with cold, hard logic.

That's exactly what we're here to do with this column: make bold predictions. The predictions you'll find here are by no means the most likely outcomes for these players and teams, but they are possibilities that should not be going overlooked. If you want solid, grounded fantasy analysis on what's most likely to play out this week, check out any of the other incredible articles numberFire publishes every day.

The predictions in this column are not something you should blindly follow to set your fantasy lineups. But every week the NFL gives us big surprises, and those surprises can swing fantasy matchups. If you're looking to gamble on a big risk that could pay off in a big way, these bold predictions will help you do just that. They may be bold, but they will also be grounded with plenty of evidence and reason.

So let's do it. Let's get bold.