8 Fantasy Football Sleepers for Week 4

It feels early for this to be the case, but we're already into bye week season.

We've already had to deal with injuries, suspensions, holdouts and flat-out busts derailing our meticulously planned fantasy rosters, but now even our good players being to require replacing.

With the wavier wire being so competitive, you can be on the ball in identifying the top pickups for the week and still find yourself with big holes, missing out the guys you really needed.

That's where sleepers come into play every week. These are typically guys who may not look like great plays on the surface -- either they have been producing poorly, draw a tough matchup, or have yet to play a big role. A deeper look can uncover some hidden gems in this group though, both as players worth starting this week and sometimes as players you'll want to hang onto as the season moves forward.

So let's get right into it and look at the top fantasy football sleepers for Week 4.