Fantasy Football: 5 Players You Can Drop After Week 3

Marlon Mack is hampered by injuries and will be coming back to, at best, a three-way split for the Colts. Who else can you drop after Week 3?

Charlie Chaplin, you might know, is one of the most famous silent film comedy actors in history. His “little tramp” character with the bowler hat, way-too-big parachute pants, and swinging cane made him a film icon.

I remember him most for a conversation about how to take a common slapstick trope – slipping on a banana peel – and keep it hilarious.

His idea of taking the same, tired visual gag that’s been done a thousand times and spicing it up with the unexpected can be a reminder to us: no matter how many times we slip on our own mistakes – bad players we draft, bad starts we decide on, bad trades we make – we have a chance to learn from those mistakes and overcome them.

That’s why we bring this column to you every week, because you have earned the right to stop making the same fantasy mistake and start making new ones! We pledge to help you see that fantasy banana peel, step over it… and then still fall down an open manhole.

Obviously, guys who suffered season-ending or season-derailing injuries in Week 3 – quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo (knee) and quarterback Tyrod Taylor (concussion) – need to be dropped, benched, or deactivated to your team’s IR immediately. But we're going to focus on players who saw a smaller-than-expected role or under-performed when given an opportunity.

Here are five guys who can be confidently dropped from your roster after Week 3 in favor of other options.