8 Fantasy Football Sleepers for Week 3

Corey Clement is the Eagles' likely starter, yet he's still available in 60% of leagues. Who else is flying under the radar this week?

For me, Week 3 represents something of a turning point in fantasy football. We're still dealing with tiny sample sizes like we were in Week 1, but the second game gives us a lot more context. We can make comparisons in how teams fared against common opponents, and the second game lessens the impact that a big matchup-based performance has on our numbers. If a team's gameplan involving a heavy dose of a player in Week 1 was matchup-specific, Week 2 will have shown us that their usage may not be consistent.

We do generally see a drop in viable waiver wire options as owners work to perfect their rosters, but this early in the season there is still plenty of goodness out there. Two weeks is a small enough sample that there are high-volume players who have just had small-sample efficiency issues available to grab before their bounce-back, giving you the potential to grab a player that can not only contribute this week, but for the entire season.

Whether you've got a hole in your starting lineup that you need to plug or you're clearing your bench of your draft busts, it pays to be vigilant in snagging the players that most people are overlooking.

Let's get right into it and look at 8 fantasy football sleepers for Week 3.