5 NFL Stats to Know Through Week 2

Patrick Mahomes has 10 touchdowns through the first 2 weeks. Which other statistical nuggets stand out after the second week of the 2018 season?

As upsetting as it may seem, we are already an eighth of the way through the 2018 season. But while the ride may be going by too quickly, it is at least providing us with a host of memorable moments.

After demolishing the New Orleans Saints in Week 1, Ryan Fitzpatrick continued his hot start to the season with a second straight 400-yard, 4-touchdown showing, this time against the defending Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles. Meanwhile, the Cleveland Browns' winless streak continues, as they came up just short against the Saints thanks in no small part to their kicker. And after new head coaches went 0-7 in Week 1, only four are waiting for their first win as a man in charge.

Here are five stats to know -- both traditional and our advanced statistics -- from Week 2 of the 2018 regular season.