7 DraftKings Bargains for Week 1

Fantasy value can be defined in so many ways. In season-long leagues, one might determine value by looking at output compared to draft position. In daily leagues, we're often looking at output per $1,000 in salary.

Finding cheap players who can bust out for big games is pivotal to fitting in high-priced players such as Todd Gurley and Antonio Brown, and it is a key component of tournament-winning lineups.

Everyone has their own idea of where the cutoff for a value player is. For DraftKings, this article looks at quarterbacks who are priced under $6,000, running backs and wide receivers priced under $5,000, and tight ends priced under $4,000.

Week 1 is always a little bit tough. Everybody has had the same information for months. In addition to that, much of the groupthink in projecting players is based on data from last year. While those numbers helps to some extent, correlations are tenuous, at best, and can vary wildly from one year to the next.

Some value players jump out and will have wildly high ownership (I'm looking at you, James Conner), while others aren't as obvious. To make your decisions easier, we're here to crunch the numbers and do our best to point out those bargains to you.

So, what are we waiting for? Let's go digging for value!