Fantasy Football: 6 Sleeper Running Backs to Target in 2018

Corey Clement checks a lot of boxes as a late-round sleeper. Which other running backs did our football staff identify as breakout candidates?

Everyone likes a deal.

I haven't bought Dr. Pepper for years. Why would you when Dr. Thunder offers the same taste at a cheaper price?

Then again, if you're hosting a get together at your place and your wife asks you to pick up pop (pop, not soda), maybe you drop the extra quarter to get a Dr. Pepper two-liter just to make sure you don't ruin the shindig by being a cheap bum.

There's safety in feeling like you're getting the best of something, even if it's more expensive.

In fantasy football, early-round running backs cost more for a reason, and usually that reason is that they appear to be locked into high-volume roles. They're safer. On the other hand, late-round backs are cheap because -- you know where this is going -- they're unlikely to see big volume.

But during an NFL season, things change, sometimes vastly, and cheap running backs can end up seeing meaningful volume. It's hard to pinpoint situations where that's going to happen, but our football staff has tried to do just that, identifying six late-round running backs who could pay off in a big way in 2018.

All average draft position (ADP) data comes from Fantasy Football Calculator and is for 12-team, PPR formats.