8 Players With Favorable Fantasy Football Playoff Schedules

Which fantasy players can you secure before the season to help you at the end of it?

I’m not a planner. Long-term outlook is not typically my cup of tea as a person, since I tend to think it’s silly to worry about something that hasn’t happened yet or isn’t imminently looming.

What dating my wife has taught me, however, is that this sort of focus on the moment-to-moment means I sometimes miss out on good opportunities because I simply didn’t think things through early enough. There’s only a few letters difference between “YOLO” and “you lose”.

We here at numberFire don’t believe you should wing it in your fantasy drafts this season, which is why we put out so much awesome content to help you prepare. But you need to think even further out than your draft day this August or September. What about when December rolls around? Will the core of your roster have good fantasy playoffs matchups that will help you walk away with a trophy?

I’m not saying that you should take a bad player with a good schedule in Weeks 14 to 16, but I do believe that locating players with favorable end-of-season schedules is an excellent way to break a tie when you’re on the clock and facing a dilemma.

Don’t leave these decisions until the last minute. Here are eight players with favorable matchups in the fantasy playoffs.