9 Offensive Line Notes With Fantasy Football Implications

Football can be a brutal sport. We've seen the league try to combat this with the new helmet rule, and even that's not going to cure some of the ills associated with the game.

When a wide receiver gets popped, you notice it. Same thing when a quarterback gets blindsided.

But only one position group deals with collisions on every play. That's the big guys up front on the offensive and defensive lines.

Teams will do walkthroughs and 7-on-7 drills during training camp, but between joint practices and preseason games, these linemen deal with a ton of contact before the season opens. That can lead to injuries, and as we've seen with teams in the past, injuries up front can ruin seasons.

This is stuff we need to know when drafting our fantasy football rosters. If we go into a draft assuming that a player is behind a quality offensive line, but that line has lost a bunch of its juice to injury, we've got to account for that. We know which lines are best when healthy, but how are they looking now as we approach the regular season?

Let's try to sort through that here today. Because each situation is unique, you can't apply a blanket statement of downgrading every offense dealing with injuries up front, requiring us to look at each team individually.

First, we'll take a look at teams where things may not be terrible right now, but are at least a little sketchy. Then, we'll delve into teams where some reevaluation is necessary.