Fantasy Football: 6 Sleeper Tight Ends to Target in 2018

Our staff looks at some cheap tight ends who profile as worthwhile picks late in your fantasy football draft.

The term "sleeper" has become somewhat of a paradox in fantasy football. With the amount of information at our fingertips and an ever-deepening abyss of fantasy articles and statistics, unearthing a true diamond in the rough is nearly impossible. Is anyone truly a "sleeper" if they get written up in an article?

And yet, there is always value to mine at the end of drafts. Doing proper research can get you ahead of the curve and help you identify players like Alvin Kamara before they go gangbusters. Based on Fantasy Football Calculator's average draft position (ADP) data, Robby Anderson was the WR57 going into last year. Carson Wentz was the QB17. Cameron Brate didn't even have an ADP. So while the term sleeper is overused, let's stay cognizant to the notion that just because a guy is talked as a sleeper about doesn't mean he isn't a value.

The early rounds of drafts are usually relatively chalky and can be just as much about avoiding landmines as they are about identifying breakouts. It's in the late rounds where you can truly differentiate your team. Everyone in your league will likely know who these tight ends are (and if they don't, bully for you). But pinpointing them as values can optimize your strategy, so that you maximize your picks and aren't scrambling to find a tight end on the waiver wire.

Our football staff has identified six sleeper tight ends who are being drafted no earlier than the 10th round in half-PPR leagues, per Fantasy Football Calculator's ADP numbers.

Time to hit the books.