11 Players Adding Fantasy Football Value at Training Camp

Training camp hype can get out of control. We rarely hear negative reports, and everyone is talked up. But these 11 players are standing out right now.

If you're ever feeling a little down in the dumps, you should just sign on as a free agent with the NFL team of your choice during training camp.

By doing so, your new coaches will undoubtedly build you up with accolades. "He looks to be in the best shape of his life," the coach would say. "He's moving around really well. Showing a lot of quickness. Really seems to be mastering the playbook."

Even if you routinely find yourself de-cleated with your facemask in the dirt, you need only make a single decent play to save your value. One fan in attendance will record it and post it to Twitter. Next thing you know, you're granted "deep sleeper" status. Congratulations!

Training camp is the time of hyperbole and puff pieces, and it's important to sift through the noise.

That can be difficult, but we should be looking for just a few things in training camp amidst highlights and coaches quotes.

The first is depth chart activity. Who is running with the first team? The second is ball skills. I don't care who made an open field juke or who broke off a nice route. Everybody will have nice moves in camp, especially when full pads aren't on. But what everyone can't do is make elite plays on the ball.

So, let's look at 11 guys who have raised eyebrows in training camp over these first few days.