10 Fantasy Football Bust Candidates for 2018

Labeling someone a bust doesn't always mean the player will be terrible, but these 10 players could easily fall short of their draft costs.

It's that time of year, everyone.

NFL training camps lead to tons and tons of buzz, and that's only exacerbated with the advent of Twitter. Every diving catch and crisp juke move is uploaded by beat writers and studied by the fantasy football community.

That type of buzz can impact a player's draft cost in fantasy football. Sometimes, the excitement begins the year prior or from a stellar college career.

No matter how a player gets hyped up, players can get hyped up too far. Easily. And as a result, average draft positions (ADP) get inflated.

If the workload doesn't match the talent or excitement, then these players often fall shy of their draft costs. Those players are generally considered "busts."

It's an important distinction to make between a bust and a player who is flat out unusable. But if you consider a bust to be a player who won't live up to his fantasy football draft cost, then these 10 players fit the bill for the 2018 season.

ADP info is from Fantasy Football Calculator and is for 12-team, point-per-reception (PPR) formats.