Which NFL Head Coach Will Be the First to Get Fired?

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Hue Jackson, Cleveland Browns

First Coach Fired Odds: 5/1

After two seasons in charge of the Cleveland Browns, coach Hue Jackson has amassed a win percentage of just 0.031 thanks to a 1-31 record. When you compare this to the win percentages of two other coaches hired in 2016, namely Doug Pederson (0.625) and Adam Gase (0.500), things look even worse.

As you'd guess, our metrics have Cleveland rated near the bottom of the league in each of Jackson's two seasons, although they haven't be the league's worst team either year..

In 2016, they were the third-worst team, according to our nERD metric, with a nERD rating of -9.57. They were the 11th-worst offense on a per-play basis, per our schedule-adjusted metrics, while defensively they were 31st.

In 2017, they were once again the third-worst team in nERD (-8.51). Offensively, they dropped to 28th, drug down by the league's worst pass offense, while their defense improved to 26th. Just in case people are need of a reminder, Jackson is supposed to be an offensive guru.

A coach making it to a third season after a 1-31 start is staggering, but a Browns coach making it it to this point is nothing short of astounding. Jackson is the first Browns coach to be given a third season since Romeo Crennel, who actually had four years at the helm (2005 to 2008).

The Browns have made a host of changes, especially on the offensive side of the ball, this offseason. Todd Haley is now on board as offensive coordinator, and Tyrod Taylor and Baker Mayfield are in the quarterback room. But Jackson will need to start winning games if he's going to stick around much longer.