10 Best NFL Players Not in the Hall of Fame

Which NFL legends have been unfairly snubbed from Canton enshrinement?

The debate about who belongs in a Hall of Fame is always a heated and often unresolved one. What exactly are the criteria that should allow a player’s entrance or ensure his denial? We lovers of sports disagree about this all the time.

In regards to the Pro Football Hall of Fame alone, there is a conundrum of if a player must have elite statistics, elite results (i.e. winning championships), or a combination of the two. For instance: statheads argue that New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning isn’t nearly as deserving of a bust in Canton as Los Angeles Chargers passer Philip Rivers, but traditionalists believe Rivers’ legacy is less than Manning the Younger’s due to the former having no Super Bowl rings.

And this is without even getting into the question of players’ off-the-field issues.

Still, there are some players who should be no-brainer locks for the Hall, yet inexplicably haven’t received their golden jacket yet. We take a look at the top-10 of them here.