5 NFL Stats to Know Through Week 16

Tidbits you might not know about Gronk, Zeke, Antonio Brown, and the ineptitude of the Houston Texans.

We were all gifted with the gift of three straight days of NFL action this weekend, and it did not disappoint.

The Indianapolis Colts and Baltimore Ravens kicked things off with a field goal fest in the rain, before the Minnesota Vikings shut out the Green Bay Packers on Saturday. The Christmas Eve slate was highlighted with Todd Gurley carrying many of us to fantasy championships with his 39.6 standard fantasy points, which led all players in Week 16.

And on Christmas day, the Pittsburgh Steelers and Philadelphia Eagles each gifted themselves with a first-round bye in the playoffs by taking down the Houston Texans and Oakland Raiders, respectively.

Before we move on to Week 17, here are five stats to know -- some of which are traditional, some of which are our advanced statistics, like Net Expected Points (NEP) -- through the first 16 weeks of the NFL's regular season.