2017 NFL Power Rankings: Week 16

As our view of the league continues to stabilize, the Jacksonville Jaguars returned to the top of our power rankings after a blowout win in Week 15.

The top team in our power rankings changed again, but otherwise there was not a whole lot of movement over the weekend.

Every team in the league is within three spots from where it was last week, and 23 teams are within one spot. This should not come as a surprise, as with only two weeks left in the season, we should have a pretty good idea of what each team is. We have a 14-game sample, and each team in the league has run at least 774 plays.

The standard deviation of each team’s change in the rankings was just 1.4 spots over the weekend, a number which (as expected) has declined as the year has progressed.

Two of the teams that only moved one spot were the Jaguars and Eagles. Jacksonville regained the top spot after a 45-7 win over Houston while Philadelphia fell back down to second.

The Eagles topped the Giants in Nick Foles’ first start of the year, but they were outplayed on offense and defense, getting outgained 504 to 341 and 6.2 yards per play to 5.2. The difference was special teams as Philadelphia blocked an extra point, punt and field goal.

On to the rest of the league.