Week 15 Fantasy Football Market Share Report: Greg Olsen Lives Again

After a 12-target day in Week 15, Greg Olsen is back on our fantasy football radar at a decimated position. Which other players had noteworthy usage for daily fantasy football?

The early parts of the NFL season can best be described as organized chaos. A lot of things seem super random, but if you're willing to look hard enough, you can see some clear trends and actionable information.

The latter part of the year is more akin to throwing Cheerios into a blender. It's going to be messy, very few assets will go unscathed, and if you get too close, you're going to trim some skin off your fingertips.

Are you excited yet?

This is the time when many NFL teams start looking toward the future, evaluating what they've got on their roster to know what areas need to be addressed in the offseason. While that's absolutely what they should do if they're out of the hunt, it's going to make things difficult on us for DFS. Situations we had successfully diagnosed previously may wind up being part of the offering to our blender overlords.

That said, not everything sacred shall perish. Those teams still jockeying for postseason positioning will likely be forced to keep rolling out the best they've got, and younger players may continue to get work on the lesser teams. There's still plenty of variance, but we can at least navigate these waters if we proceed with caution.

Some of the trends that will come to fruition the final two weeks may already be in the works, and Week 15 could have included some hints at that. This means we can still look at each player's workload in that slate of games to see what changes we can notice and decide whether or not they're legit.

A big aid in trying to dissect this can be numberFire's daily fantasy tools, which are available to all premium members. Here, you can see each player's rushing, receiving, and red-zone market shares over the past one, three, or five weeks along with the full season. This allows you to see who's getting usage -- and where it's coming -- and whose stock may be on the decline heading into the final two weeks.

Week 15 offered us a good number of actionable takeaways, both for contending teams and the also-rans. Which players may have fluctuating fantasy value based on their usage? Let's check it out.