5 Daily Fantasy Football Matchups to Exploit in Week 15

How many of you watch videos of roller coasters on YouTube? As someone who has watched a corgi jumping into water countless times, I'm not trying to judge. I'm just genuinely curious.

Roller coasters are fun things to ride. They're decidedly less fun when you're just watching without the thrill of having your stomach leap and fall over and over again. It's the same thing with watching your friends play video games. Sure, it can be fun, but that enjoyment is flying off the handles once you have some skin in the game.

We're getting some sick roller-coaster action in Week 15. Not only do we get to see a battle for the NFC West with the Seattle Seahawks taking on the Los Angeles Rams, but we may get a preview of the later rounds of the AFC playoffs when the Pittsburgh Steelers host the New England Patriots. Week 15 be blessed.

As football fans, we're going to enjoy these games pretty much no matter what because it's four teams all vying for playoff positioning. But that enjoyment can get a significant nudge if our hard-earned DFS bankroll is on the line.

There are plenty of interesting games on the main slate that don't have major playoff implications, and we shouldn't simply ignore those. But some of the league's best DFS assets will be going head to head in these high-profile matchups. Why not get a piece where it makes sense?

The question, though, is what is the best route for getting exposure? We can get some answers there by turning to numberFire's Net Expected Points (NEP), the metric we use to track the efficiency of both teams and players with the team totals being adjusted for the strength of opponent. Instead of being a simple yards-per-attempt metric, NEP tells us the number of expected points added or subtracted on each play throughout the season, helping to illustrate the immense difference between a three-yard completion on 3rd and 2 and that same three-yard completion on 3rd and 4.

Essentially, NEP can tell us which strong offenses are set to square off with weaker foes, allowing us to check out those assets in DFS. And we've got situations of that nature in the two big games, meaning we're not just watching this coaster from afar; we're strapping ourselves in. Which matchups should we look to exploit in Week 15, both in the high-ticket games and elsewhere? Let's check it out.