5 NFL Stats to Know Through Week 14

The 49ers' season is all but over, yet Jimmy Garoppolo is playing at an elite level. What should you know about his performance?

Week 14 has come and gone -- but not without a few memorable moments.

The Indianapolis Colts and Buffalo Bills should get some sort of award for toughing through a snow-filled game on Sunday. It was hard to see what was going on at times, and players were constantly falling down without being touched. Of course, the Bills eventually came out on top after going into overtime and now cling to a 24.9% chance to make the playoffs.

All Kareem Hunt needed was a reunion with the Oakland Raiders as their second matchup of the season brought him his first 100-plus yard game since October 19th. And we came oh so close to seeing the Cleveland Browns get rid of their goose-egg in the win column before they ultimately fell to the Green Bay Packers in overtime.

Then, the night games brought us must-watch action as the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens combined for a whopping 77 points in an offensive explosion on Sunday night and the Miami Dolphins capped off the week with a big upset over the New England Patriots on Monday.

Before we move on to Week 15, here are five stats to know -- some of which are traditional, some of which are our advanced statistics, like Net Expected Points (NEP) -- through the first 14 weeks of the NFL's regular season.