Week 14 Fantasy Football Market Share Report: The Post-Wentz Eagles

Injuries suck. There's no other way to put it.

When those injuries are to someone as talented as Carson Wentz, they suck a little bit more. His season-ending ACL tear means he doesn't get to play (clearly the biggest implication here), the dynamic of the Philadelphia Eagles has been completely altered, and their assets in fantasy look nothing like they did on Sunday afternoon. Fantasy is fully a secondary concern here, but it's still something we need to discuss.

Essentially, we're at a reset point with this offense. And going through that process is a whole heck of a lot tougher when we're just three weeks from the end of the regular season.

The question becomes how on Earth we're supposed to handle this team in daily fantasy in the immediate future. We can't just write them off altogether, especially when a matchup with the New York Giants looms just over the horizon. So how should we be handling these guys over the next few games?

We can at least get some insights on that by looking at market shares within the offense to see who's getting enough volume to maintain a solid floor. Premium users get a bit of a shortcut here via numberFire's daily fantasy tools, which show each player's rushing, receiving, and red-zone market shares over the past one, three, or five games along with the full season. As DeAndre Hopkins has shown, you can feast without quality quarterback play as long as you're getting enough volume. We just have to assess whether or not any of the Eagles are in that same realm.

We'll also touch on some of the other big usages from Week 14, but the Eagles clearly need to be our main focus. What were the most noteworthy market shares from Week 14? Let's check it out.