Fantasy Football: 3 Players You Can Drop After Week 12

Fantasy football can be a cruel hobby. Many fake footballers, now 12 weeks into the season, are already looking toward the 2018 NFL campaign for their chance at fantasy football redemption after drafting a roster full of duds and disappointments.

But many of you, hopefully, still stand a chance at making your league's playoffs. And one of the best ways to position yourself for a playoff run is to get rid of players who aren't serving your team any purpose while they rot on your bench.

In fantasy football, if you aren't doing a weekly roster examination to get dead weight off your squad to make room for upside stashes, you aren't doing it right. Yes, deciding who to cut from your roster can be excruciating. Here at numberFire, we can help with these gut-wrenching decisions.

This past weekend revealed three new players who can be dropped from your fantasy football roster. Let's find out who they are.