4 FanDuel Defenses to Target in Week 11

Last week was a pretty successful one for our slate of picks, with three of our four defenses finished inside the top-10 of weekly scoring on FanDuel. Only the Chicago Bears were a letdown, but both the Los Angeles Rams and Detroit Lions proved to successful, finishing second and third in weekly scoring, respectively.

With a successful week behind us, it's on to Week 11, where we're targeting one expensive defense on the main slate and three cheaper options.

As always, this column identifies defenses that are not only in a great position matchup-wise, but also teams that have varying price points on FanDuel. If you're playing in a heads up match or a 50/50 and looking to pay up for a defense, we'll help you pick which one. If you're playing in a tournament and looking for a low-owned option with a high ceiling, we'll help you there too.

Here are four defenses to target on FanDuel in Week 11.