Fantasy Football: 3 Things We Learned From Week 10

It's starting to feel like we're in the upside-down this season. Games just aren't going the way we predict and are constantly keeping us on our toes.

For example, the Jacksonville Jaguars made it clear this offseason that they didn't want Blake Bortles to throw the ball. They drafted a running back near the top of the NFL draft and have led the league in rushing attempts per game with 33.9. On Sunday, they matched up against the Chargers and their weak run defense. It seemed reasonable to assume the Jags would run all over the Chargers.

So what happened? Bortles attempted 51 passes despite the game being within a score for a majority of the time.

The Jags probably won't let Bortles throw 51 times in any other games this season -- or ever again, for that matter -- but plenty else happened in Week 10 from which we can learn.