5 NFL Stats to Know Through Week 9

The second half of the NFL season kicked off with the New York Jets dancing their way past the Buffalo Bills last Thursday night, giving them their fourth win of the season. And the upsets continued, with the Indianapolis Colts picking up a win over the Houston Texans in their first game following the loss of Deshaun Watson.

But as the Texans' high-powered offense hit a road block, the Los Angeles Rams and Philadelphia Eagles continued their success, each putting up 51 points on Sunday.

Week 9 was capped off with the Green Bay Packers falling to the Detroit Lions on Monday night, as Green Bay's offense continued to struggle with Brett Hundley under center.

Before we move to Week 10, here are five stats to know -- some of which are traditional, some of which are our advanced statistics -- through the first nine weeks of gridiron action.