4 FanDuel Defenses to Target in Week 9

Following a solid Week 8 in which three of our four defensive picks finished in the top-12 in FanDuel scoring, it's on to Week 9.

Generally speaking, we're usually able to find a number of good options at varying price points. However, we have a few defenses in great spots that are fairly expensive this week. Three of our targets are among the most expensive options, but we do have one low-priced option that may go overlooked.

As always, this column identifies defenses that are not only in a great position matchup-wise, but also teams that have varying price points on FanDuel. If you're playing a cash game and looking to pay up for a defense, we'll help you pick which one. If you're playing in a tournament and looking for a low-owned option with a high ceiling, we'll help you there, too.

Here are four defenses to target on FanDuel in Week 9.