2017 NFL Power Rankings: Week 6

The Kansas City Chiefs top our power rankings for the second week in a row, and this is hardly a controversial result.

Kansas City is the NFL's only undefeated team left, while also boasting the league's second highest-point differential (behind only Jacksonville). Per our nERD ratings, we would expect the Chiefs to beat an average team by about eight points on a neutral field.

They may not have been your top preseason choice for the NFL’s best team in mid-October, but their success is also not all that surprising.

The manner in which they’ve experienced this success is presumably more head-turning, as Kansas City has topped our rankings largely on the strength of their offense. In terms of Net Expected Points, the Chiefs have been the league’s best offense on an overall and per-play basis, led by the most efficient rushing game.

The Kansas City defense has been fine -- they're tied for 13th, per our metrics -- but this unit has taken a backseat to Kareem Hunt, Alex Smith, and the rest of the offense.

The Jaguars, fresh off their road blowout of Pittsburgh, break down in the opposite way. While the offense has been stunningly competent, the defense has been the league’s best, which is the main reason why their +56 point differential leads the NFL.

They still trail Kansas City partially because of opponent adjustments, though. While Jacksonville has outscored the opposition by three more points than Kansas City, the Chiefs have played the league’s toughest schedule, according to Pro Football Reference (the Jaguars' strength of schedule has been slightly above average).