5 Fantasy Football Splits That Matter for Week 4

One of the many reasons I thoroughly enjoy daily fantasy basketball is because of the necessity to think outside the box and see every angle. If 'A' is ruled out, 'B' doesn't automatically receive more opportunity -- 'B' is actually rendered useless in most cases.

We can and should use that same type of process in fantasy football.

A great example is the Washington Redskins offense last week. Like many, I thought Terrelle Pryor would soak up all the targets available once Jordan Reed was ruled out. I had obviously strayed from the process in lieu of an all-world athlete who's struggled to develop rapport with Kirk Cousins.

The fact that Vernon Davis is just #good was also ignored. The 33-year-old tight end averaged 4.5 targets and 47.25 receiving yards in four games without Reed last season. Pryor may be a 6'4" towering mammal who runs a 4.41 40-yard dash, but there's no evidence he scores more fantasy points without Reed. It was the wrong approach from the beginning.

Keep that thought process in mind as we take a look at five other splits that matter for Week 4 action.