Fantasy Football: 5 Players You Can Drop After Week 2

Fantasy football can be a cruel hobby. Fake footballers spend weeks and months prepping draft strategies and plotting out the level of exposure they want with their particular sleepers or bounce-back candidates.

But we all can't be Nostradamus, and sometimes those strategies don't pan out. However, being able to adapt and knowing when to cut bait on players who are killing your team is crucial.

It's important to do a thorough roster examination to get dead weight off your squad each week. While you obviously want your bench to be stashed with players that have some upside, you need to ensure that at least some of them have standalone value, as well. Holding onto a player too long can prevent you from hitting on a waiver-wire pickup.

This past weekend revealed a host of candidates as dead roster weight, particularly among the already muddy position at running back. So who are some of the candidates worthy of roster cuts now that Week 2 has come and gone?

Let's find out.