7 NFL FanDuel Bargains for Week 1

Kevin White saw a ton of volume when he was healthy in 2016 and is in a good spot to repeat that this year. Which other bargain-bin NFL players should you target in daily fantasy football for Week 1?

It's been a long offseason, but daily fantasy football is finally back.

Week 1 is typically a bit of an unusual one for DFS purposes. We obviously don't have any stats to draw upon from this season yet, so we're forced to use a lot of discretion in trying to project how things will shake out while deciding which numbers from past seasons are relevant to this week.

Of course, those same limitations apply to the pricing on FanDuel this week, as they're left trying to project rather than reflect what has been happening over the course of the season. The prices were also set well in advance that plenty of news has shaken things up and isn't accounted for in Week 1 salaries.

These situations are especially relevant with the lower-priced players, where a bump of only a couple targets can be the difference between a player being worth ignoring and one being a solid value option.

Let's get right to it and break down some of the best bargain-bin plays on FanDuel for Week 1.