Fantasy Football: 5 Teams With Potentially Frustrating Usage

Eddie Lacy and the Seattle Seahawks backfield have the potential to be hard to predict for fantasy football on a week to week basis. Which other situations are bound to give us headaches?

It doesn't matter how suave we are as fantasy general managers if we don't have consistency.

You could be the smartest, coolest cat in the room, making moves that would blow the minds of the your competition. But if you have a player whose team's usage is volatile from one week to the next, that's irrelevant. You're going to struggle just like the rest of us.

We see this every year in fantasy. One week, Player X gets 10 targets and goes beast mode on the competition. The next, he's used as a decoy to draw coverage from the other receivers, and you get a juicy goose egg (subtweet Brandin Cooks in 2016). It's either that or the team simply spreads the ball out so well that it saps away value from every asset attached to it.

This is the nightmare scenario. Sure, it often lowers the cost of the players involved, but that price goes down for a reason. Unpredictable usage is the easiest way to kill a roster.

We may not be able to predict which teams these will be entering the season. But there are certain situations that appear to at least be trending that way with the preseason wrapped up. If you can identify a headache before it truly festers, it can allow you to divest and avoid the plummeting stock.

Which teams have the potential to be the ire of our frustration in fantasy for the 2017 season? Let's check it out.