Fantasy Football: 5 Quarterbacks Who Are Undervalued for 2017

The numbers tell us that fantasy owners who grab Atlanta's Matt Ryan in the fifth round are doing well for themselves. Who are some other quarterbacks offering great value in the middle of your draft?

Whether you're talking fantasy football or the real NFL deal, it’s tough to find a good quarterback on the cheap.

General managers and head coaches lose their jobs over the lack of a quality passer behind center. Fantasy football players lose their minds over the same. Nothing is more frustrating than your juggernaut of a team being derailed by a multi-interception game from your fantasy signal caller.

It can get rough out there without a steady fantasy captain to lead your team’s ship, but we’ve learned time and time again that you don’t need to spend big on a quarterback in fantasy football. Grabbing one in the very late rounds is a viable strategy, but it's also possible to find undervalued quarterbacks earlier in the draft and snap one up at just the right spot.

Here are five quarterbacks who offer terrific fantasy value when you compare their Average Draft Position (ADP) in standard 12-team leagues with their numberFire Draft Kit ranking.