Fantasy Football: 4 Takeaways From Julian Edelman's Season-Ending Injury

What impact does Julian Edelman's season-ending knee injury have on the 2017 fantasy football outlooks for each of the New England Patriots' top options?

When you have as many mouths to feed on offense as the New England Patriots do, it can be difficult to predict which asset will get to eat each week. It's a good problem to have from a real football perspective, but it makes fantasy a nightmare.

We got an unfortunate solution to that problem over the weekend.

With Julian Edelman set to miss the entire season, it opens up a boatload of targets in the passing game. It could also drastically change the dynamics of the offense given how heavily involved he has always been.

What does all of this mean for your upcoming fantasy football drafts? Let's take a deeper look at Edelman's injury to dissect how this all impacts the surrounding pieces.