Fantasy Football: 8 Sleeper Wide Receivers to Target in 2017

These are the high-upside wide receivers to look for late in your fantasy draft, according to our football staff.

The word "sleeper" is enough to send a tingling sensation through your body. After all, it's the word that made you click on this article. It's the word no one in your fantasy league will say out loud in casual conversation before the draft, for fear of whatever top-secret player's name comes after it becoming the apple of another owner's eye.

Because while no part of your fantasy draft is easy, logic dictates that all the big names you know about are selected in the early rounds. It's no secret, for example, that Antonio Brown, Odell Beckham and Julio Jones are the elite wide receivers in fantasy this year.

It's in the late rounds of your draft, though -- right around the time your draft app starts unironically suggesting defenses and kickers -- that the seeds of fantasy championships are sowed.

With that in mind, our football staff has identified eight sleeper wide receivers all going after the 10th round in standard leagues -- all average draft positions (ADP) in this article are according to Fantasy Football Calculator -- who you should be targeting in your draft.

If you're here, you're hoping your fantasy opponents aren't. Or, at least, that you've made it here before they have. So hurry up and get to scrolling.