Fantasy Football: 11 Players to Avoid in 2017

These are the NFL players you should cross off your draft boards at their current cost, according to our football staff.

It's happened to everyone who's ever played fantasy football.

There you are, stuck in the deep, dark depths of your league's standings, scrolling back through the preseason draft results, wishing you could travel back in time to stop yourself from drafting that one player who unraveled your team's chances at glory.

Drafting a bust can derail your fantasy season and leave you to pick up the pieces along the way, rushing to the waiver wire every week in the hopes of finding a winning lottery ticket in the scrap heap. Avoiding that same player, meanwhile, can be a huge boon to your fantasy fortunes.

In other cases, it's not so much the player you did draft, but the one you didn't in the same spot. Passing on a player who just isn't worth it at that draft slot, and nabbing a valuable asset instead, can be the key to setting you up for fantasy success. It sounds obvious on paper, but it's much harder to do in your draft room, when the pressure's on and the clock is ticking.

Which is why we're here to help you identify the players who are best left untouched in your fantasy draft this year, before you head into your draft. Let your competition deal with these players at their current cost, while you avoid the headache.

Read on to see our football staff's picks for the players you should side-step with no regrets in 2017.