Fantasy Football: 6 Takeaways From Preseason Week 1

Spencer Ware got almost all of the run with the Kansas City Chiefs' first-team offense in Week 1 of the NFL preseason. What other players had noteworthy opening performances for fantasy football?

Every year around this time, you're going to get that joker on Twitter who talks about how the preseason doesn't matter.

That person is the devil, and we must report them to state and local police.

Sure, the wins may not count for anything, and there's tons of noise around it. But there's aslo abundant actionable data, both for real life and fantasy football, and ignoring it will often end poorly. So, yes, you should gorge yourself on chicken wings and pace uncontrollably about the house, no matter what some spewer of falsehoods may say.

The problem is parsing through all of the information and finding what, in reality, is useful. We truly could not care less about how many yards per carry a guy racked up, and small differences there don't matter. But when it comes to snap rates, health, and usage? You bet we need to pay attention.

With Week 1 of the preseason in the books, let's go back through the action and try to find some big takeaways from what we saw. Then, we'll discuss what it all means for your upcoming fantasy football drafts.

Here are six takeaways from this opening slate of games.