Fantasy Football: 5 Wide Receivers Who Could Outscore Their Higher-Drafted Teammates

These five wideouts could potentially outperform their team's more highly coveted receivers, including Washington's Jamison Crowder.

Everybody looks for value in fantasy football. Heck, if you're like me, you'll even look for value in the type of paper plates you buy. Disposable cutlery aside, the bottom line is -- to state the obvious -- you don't win in fantasy without finding good value in your draft.

And too often, players end up going undervalued because they have a more highly touted, headline-grabbing teammate playing the same position. Sometimes, though, these second-fiddle names can come out of nowhere and outproduce their higher-drafted teammate, not just in terms of draft value, but in terms of overall production.

Here, we'll identify wide receivers who are candidates to do just that in 2017: sneakily be the number-one fantasy receiver on their team despite being drafted later than a teammate. Average Draft Positions (ADP) will be taken from 12-team PPR leagues, and according to Fantasy Football Calculator.

Let's get to it.