3 Late-Round Defenses to Target in Your Fantasy Football Draft

Don't waste one of your mid-round picks on a defense. Instead, wait until the later rounds and pick one of these three teams with great early-season matchups.

By now, it's a pretty common strategy to wait until the final two rounds of your fantasy football draft to select a kicker and a defense.

Streaming defenses has become a popular strategy for many players, and for good reason. A poor defense in a great matchup can often present more upside and help you win that week, whereas a better defense may struggle in a tough matchup.

So, instead of drafting the Denver Broncos in the ninth round -- as they're currently going in mock drafts on FantasyFootballCalculator -- which teams have attractive Week 1 matchups that we can draft late?

The following three teams all have a juicy matchup to start the 2017 season, giving them the potential to put up a lot of points even though they're all currently being drafted outside the top 10 at the position.