Fantasy Football Mock Draft: Where Are the Quarterbacks?

The numberFire staff held a fantasy football mock draft as we get set for the 2017 NFL season to kick off. Some picks will surprise you.

I attended a wedding earlier this summer where the DJ was performing at his first wedding. I was not aware of this fact until he accidentally -- and abruptly -- transitioned mid-song from "Wonderful Tonight" by Eric Clapton to "Hey Ya!" by Outkast.

A few of the slow-dancing couples couldn't resist the great power of Andre 3000, and started busting moves to the 2003 hit, while others, confused, paused to glance over at the DJ frantically clicking on his laptop. After a brief moment, he laughed it off, apologized, and transitioned back to another slow song like a pro.

Practice makes perfect, right? There's a reason some DJs can seamlessly transition from song to song with ease: experience.

And the same goes for drafting in fantasy football. Whether it's your first time drafting or your thousandth, it's always a good idea to participate in a mock draft to prepare for the upcoming season, so you can seamlessly move from one pick to another pick.

Our football staff gathered to do a mock draft this week, with hypothetical rosters made up of 1 quarterback, 2 running backs, 2 wide receivers, 1 tight end, and 1 flex (which could be a running back, wide receiver, or a tight end). The scoring is standard aside from the fact that receptions are worth half of a point, and we decided to forego drafting defenses and kickers because, well, they're defenses and kickers.

Click play and get this party started.