The 9 Most Overvalued Players in Fantasy Football

These players might seem like great picks, but they're being overvalued right now in fantasy football drafts.

The fact that people buy fidget spinners -- and I'm one of those people -- tells you that most things are fine at a certain price.

That's true in fantasy football, too.

Even if you don't like a particular player, eventually, at some cost, that player will become worthwhile. Just because I almost always draft quarterbacks late doesn't mean I'm allergic to selecting Aaron Rodgers.

But Rodgers at his second- to third-round average draft position (ADP)? Yeah, sure. I'll pass on him there.

And that's what we're looking at here today. The nine overvalued players on this list aren't projected to be fantasy irrelevant by any means. Instead, they're just pricey.

They're $15 fidget spinners.