10 Fringe Prospects Who Boosted Their Value at the NFL Combine

Before the NFL Combine, these prospects were flying under the radar. Now they might be legitimate NFL draftees.

The NFL Combine last week was a spectacle of prospect fun. Every year it’s a three-ring circus in the big tent of Indianapolis.

Sometimes the high-wire act falls and hits the net. Sometimes the dancing bear decides it would rather nap than stand on the ball. Every now and then, a clown gets stuck in the clown car as it pulls off.

These things happen.

But more often than not, the feats of daring athleticism dazzle spectators and NFL teams in attendance. The impressive performances of the human cannonballs of this year’s NFL Draft class were well worth the price of admission, especially those new acts and fresh surprises we haven’t heard much about. Which of these little-known performers will we remember now that the tents have collapsed and the dust has settled on this year’s show?

Which unheralded prospects should you pay attention to after this year’s Combine?