NFL Combine: Top Workout Comparables for Every Skill-Position Player at the 2017 Combine

Now that each skill-position player in the 2017 NFL draft class has completed the combine, we know what their numbers are for each event. But how does that compare to previous players?

The NFL combine is both a devil and a saint. But it doesn't have to be that way.

After months of analyzing collegiate production and tape, we finally get some concrete information on each player and what they can do athletically. That's an immense positive. But it also means we're suddenly swimming in data, and it can make everything hard to process.

Fret not, compadres. We can try to help with the demonic side of this deliciousness.

By looking at each player's measurables and combine data, we can go back through previous draft classes to see which players were similar when they had their time in the spotlight. Obviously, there's a whole lot more in an NFL player than what they do when they're not wearing pads, but this can at least give us a surface-level comparison for each guy before he straps on his new uniform.

So how do things look for the players at this year's combine? Let's go through the skill positions and check out the top comparables for each big name at the combine, starting with the quarterbacks.