The 59 Best Individual NFL Seasons in the Last 25 Years

Across all positions, who owns the single best season of them all?

What have you done in 25 years? Did you graduate high school or college? Did you get a job? Have a baby? Get married?

For me, I've done a few of those. Over the span of those events, a lot has happened and a lot has changed.

The same can be said for sports. Different play styles breed different eras. Different eras produce their own great teams and players. The problem is it's very difficult for us to compare teams and players across those times, or at least, that was the case until recently.

The good people over at Pro Football Reference have bridged that gap. They created a metric called approximate value (AV), a single number that is representative of a player's season so that we may compare player and single-season values across NFL eras. If you want to know more about what all goes into it, you can find the details here. In a nutshell, it allows us to look at all 25 seasons, from 1992 and 2016, and rank them.

For the purposes of this article -- ranking the very best performances in a season -- AVs can sometimes be the same for different players, even at different positions. And for that reason, I've grouped the performances by their approximate values in a given season -- starting with 20 all the way up to the number-one player at 26.

Here are the 59 best individual NFL seasons over the past quarter century.