The 5 Best Playoff Performances of Tom Brady's Career

Does Tom Brady's latest Super Bowl performance make the cut?

After Super Bowl LI, many fans and analysts officially dubbed Tom Brady the GOAT, the greatest of all-time. Now, you can argue that, one way or the other, until you're blue in the face, but the fact that this was his best Super Bowl performance is not up for dispute.

At the same time, having completed 69.4% of his passes and tallying 466 yards and 2 touchdowns, was Brady's big game anywhere near the top of his career playoff showing? The numbers say no.

According to Passing Net Expected Points (NEP) -- our metric which tracks the expected points added or subtracted for each drop back -- Brady tallied a total of 11.71 NEP in the comeback win over the Atlanta Falcons. On a per-drop-back basis, that amounts to roughly 0.17 NEP per drop back. Even his passer rating of 95.2 tells a similar story.

Well, if the big game against the Falcons isn't one of his five best playoff performances, what are?

Using NEP per drop back, we're able to bring those five best to the top of the pile. And here they are.