Ranking the Kickers Remaining in the NFL Playoffs

Kickers are often the afterthought -- until the spotlight hits them. Which playoff kicker has been the most reliable in 2016?

With the wild card round of the 2016 playoffs full of four blowouts -- no game finished within 13 points -- big plays weren't necessarily needed to swing games.

Sure, there were plenty of impactful plays during wild card weekend, but kickers -- even more than usual -- were forgotten in a week full of big point differentials.

That might not be the case as we continue into the playoffs. Our algorithm does see a clear Super Bowl favorite (the New England Patriots have a 33.7% chance to win it all), but six of the seven other teams have championship probabilities between 7.2% and 17.0%.

That could make for plenty of tight games in January, and if that's the case, some of these contests might come down to a single kick.

Based on our Net Expected Points (NEP) metric, which indicates how many points a player adds above expectation level to his team's scoring output, which kicker is most likely to get the job done with the game on the line?

Let's find out by exploring the eight remaining kickers by Field Goal NEP as well as fourth-quarter and overtime performance in the regular season.

The rankings listed below are among the 30 kickers with at least 25 field goal attempts this regular season.